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Decommissioning and Replacement Work at Terminal Station

Summer 2023 in Ontario, Canada NPL Canada
Westover Cover

In summer 2023, the NPL Canada team was called upon for their expertise to complete the decommissioning and replacement of piping assets on behalf of their long-standing utility client. The system, which is essential to servicing the community’s natural gas needs, was complex. To accommodate the tight outage window, a crew of 20 was organized for daytime and nighttime work. Additionally, The NPL Canada crew faced an influx in contaminated soils which they managed responsibly as part of the commitment to environmental stewardship. To both complete the work and provide job opportunities, the team also partnered with a Three Fires Group excavating contractor, helping ensure the economic benefits were realized locally. The result: successful decommissioning and replacement of sections of two, 20” station lines and removed parallel running 12” lines.

This work is essential to keeping the community connected and safe by reducing the risks of release and increasing overall system reliability for everyone who depends on the system.

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