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Working welding a large pipe

Our Services

As a utility construction company, NPL Canada has a record of continuous operational improvement and customer-driven innovation. From urban pipelines to industrial fabrication, NPL Canada can meet the needs of customers across Canada.

Gas pipes

Natural Gas

We offer a full range of pipeline construction, maintenance, and replacement for natural gas, gas liquids, petroleum products, and crude oil.

Natural Gas Distribution

This includes construction, maintenance, and replacement services for all plastic or steel pipe from ½ to 36 inches in diameter. Fully equipped crews are trained and certified to perform work on a self-directed turnkey basis, which includes pre-work planning, construction drawings, line staking, installation, inspection, and testing.


We offer a full range of construction, maintenance, and replacement services on 16 to 48-inch diameter pipelines for natural gas, gas liquids, petroleum products, and crude oil. Experienced and certified crews are available to provide service on a project or emergency basis.

Pipeline Integrity

Complete construction services are dedicated to the replacement of the cast iron natural gas distribution grid with polyethylene pipeline. We seek the involvement of local municipalities, utility providers, and other contractors affected by our work well in advance of any project.

Maintenance & Related Services

We provide complete maintenance-related construction services to all pipelines and facilities-related infrastructure.

Our range of Maintenance and Integrity Services includes:

  • Investigative digs and repair services in all types of terrain and conditions
  • Extensive pipe preparation and coating experience and offer a wide variety of portable/on-site coating and sandblasting.
  • Performing composite sleeve installations or cut-out pipe repairs on all nominal pipe sizes (NPS).
  • Hydrostatic testing, geotechnical work, environmental protection, station re-coating, line lowering and pipeline and facility in-line inspection support.
  • Pipeline replacement programs (from NPS 2 – 48) & Class Location Upgrades due to upgrade requirements or high-risk infrastructure issues for both above-ground and buried pipeline replacement in rural and urban areas.
  • Develop and maintain quality control records/plans to document and track all pipeline facility projects (Meter Stations, Launchers & Receivers, and Station Upgrades) and provide 24/7 support and availability to our clients.

Directional Drilling

We provide highly-skilled and experienced crews well-equipped to provide a full range of horizontal directional drilling services to meet most trenchless technology needs for pipeline, electric utilities, and communications installations. Our equipment is capable of installing pipes/ducts or pulling back a multiple of utility conduits to meet the majority of pipeline and utility applications.

Construction near highway
Construction workers assembling pipes

Electrical & Renewables

We have the resources for underground electric utility cable installations and rehabilitation, all types of underground and aerial communications infrastructure construction, and a variety of renewable energy projects construction.

Electrical Distribution

We’re staffed and equipped to provide underground electric utility cable installations and rehabilitation. NPL Canada specializes in joint trenching to assist developers and utilities in combining the installation of pipe and cable for gas, hydro, telephone, and cable TV in a common trench.

Renewable Energy

NPL Canada is keeping pace with the increasing focus on sources of clean power with updated training and resources to provide services to this growing sector. We’re well-equipped and experienced to manage the civil construction requirements for a variety of renewable energy projects, from solar farms to wind capture facilities. NPL Canada has the resources in place to provide renewable energy developers with turnkey services backed by the same safety and quality standards that have made our company one of Canada’s leading utility contractors.

Communications / Fiber Optics

We offer fully-trained, certified, and equipped teams to meet industry standards for the installation of all types of underground and aerial communications infrastructure.

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NPL Canada facilities construction

Facilities Construction

The full NPL Canada complement of pipeline construction services offered includes complete facility infrastructure expertise. Facilities and station infrastructure is critical to the overall network of any energy-transporter, and NPL is amongst a limited group of expert contractors well-versed to execute this dynamic construction.

We have a proven pedigree of self-performed mechanical/industrial/structural/electrical expertise that includes:

  • New facilities construction
  • Station enhancements, modifications, & rebuilds
  • Demolition, decommissioning and maintenance services

Our proven track record delivering turnkey station project services includes: station design & drafting review, constructability planning, budget and schedule development, QMS/QC governance and oversight;

Our abilities span both greenfield and brownfield construction experience, spool & valve fabrication, assembly and installation; meter Station & meter regulator run fabrication and installation, site preparation, environmental management, and commissioning. Our station expertise ranges from NPS 4-48, and facility types including: Reg. Station, Gate Station, Compressor Station, Feeder Station, Town-Border Station, Valve-nest Station, Injection Stations and well-site facilities, Meter Stations, and Facility Expansion and Upgrades.

Over 20+ years, we’ve developed specialty in-house resources knowledgeable within the critical custody transfer points sites, and our service offering extends from meter-run & pressure regulators fabrication and installation to include heater-skid fabrication and installation, meter-building outfitting, odorant building installation, pipe-spool installation, station commissioning, electrical/telemetry construction, and both above/below grade spool/valve/flange assembly fit-up and build.


Located in Guelph, Ontario, the NPL Fabrication shop is a 40,000sq. ft. facility, complete with 2 acres of secure storage laydown area. NPL Fabrication maintains the most stringent Quality Management compliance including: ISO-9001 & CSA Z299 Certified, CWB Certified, ASME Certified, CSA-Z662 Certified, and U-Stamp Certification with National Energy Board for Boilers and Pressure Vessels.

Capable of Delivering:

  • Spool Design
  • Spool Assembly from virtually any material and in any size(s)
  • Weld Procedure & Matrix Preparation
  • Automatic Welding (up to 72”)
  • Testing/Coating/Commissioning
  • Valve Fabrication

NPL Fabrication represents decades of expertise and experience providing fabrication for multiple industry segments including, oil, natural gas, and renewable energy; and serving a large portfolio of clients from the industrial, municipal and commercial sectors. The ability to self-perform and integrate fabrication services amongst the NPL Canada network brings significant opportunities to leverage the complementary skills and client relationships of both diverse business offerings.